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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Preview on new features for EM02 latest firmware, BTLE added.

Apart from Empress series transponder such as Hussar/Garrison/Tempcorder series, now Empress EM02 readers can also gather the beacon signal from BTLE devices, especially useful for scanning IDs from wearables such as Fitbit, Jawbone, etc.

Empress EM02 is a FCC CE certified reader, has long been used as data gatherer for telemetry business applications together with Empress series transponders. With the latest upgrade, by simply switching setting by software command, it can read bluetooth device's ID, meaning the reader can now work alone in many other business applications. This reader can be used as gateway for Bluetooth smart devices (BT4.0 or above), which is popular in smartwatch, wearable, health activity recorder, mobile phone apps, etc.

BT4.0 or BTLE USB dongles are common and they can do the same, they are best for small scale development and demo test. However, this EM02 reader provides more options in project implementation, in terms of choice of extendable antenna and network connectivity.

This EM02 is also perfect for projects which requires reading proprietary devices and BTLE devices at the same time (DUAL mode), for example, reading meter readings (proprietary) and staff ID (BTLE) at the same time. See the video for live explanation.

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