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Friday, September 5, 2014

Guest Analytics and On-Boarding

1. Overview
An important and much anticipated feature available in WiNG 5.4 is that of Analytics. This licensed
module provides details and history on a user’s web browsing behavior and on the different device and operating system types on a captive portal enabled wireless LAN and provides a wealth of information to businesses to understand the web browsing habits of their customers, as related to their business. This has obvious value in the retail space.
The analytics module does require a license, though it does not require licensing on both controllers
within a cluster; the second controller in the cluster will have knowledge of the analytics database that is built over time. Additionally, analytics is only available on the NX9 series of controllers (NX9000 / NX9500).

Viewing options include a slider that allows the user to adjust out to one week. The analytics module
stores web data history for 90 days before cycling through oldest entries.
The main dashboard gives a thumbnail-style view of the different graphs that are available; a user can double-click on the title bar of each graph to expand that graph for more detail. Within the graphs there is the option to view the data in a visual format or in a table / list format.

1.3 Components
The Guest Analytics solution is dependent on the following components:
 Captive Portal – Though the HTTP Analysis configuration item is available for any WLAN, the 
Analytics feature, with graphs, etc. is only available on Captive Portal WLAN’s. To get any kind of 
HTTP Analysis on a non-CP WLAN, one would forward traffic to a syslog server and parse from 
 WLAN Security / Captive Portal authentication – used for client access. The Analytics details 
are pulled by the NX9xxx for Captive Portal WLAN’s only.
 WLAN Security / MAC Registration – MAC registration facilitates tying a particular device’s web traffic with that device
 WLAN Firewall – without firewall functionality, we cannot snoop the HTML headers to get the 
device information. Within the Firewall section of the guest WLAN is where we enable forwarding 
of HTTP Analytics to the controller.
 RADIUS – The MAC authentication will require RADIUS policies to be created

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