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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Empress HH - Latest Upgraded Empress Handheld Reader

Together with latest upgraded stationary reader EM02-ETH, we have also upgraded our Empress Handheld Reader for Active RFID Tags. The new model is called Empress HH (PN: EM02-HH)

Let's see what's new in this coolest Empress member!

4 Key features:

- Compatible with latest Emperss Transponders, such as Sense, Responsive, Tempcorder, and other future series. 

- newly added RSSI, also shows transponder battery status, GPIO, etc.

- better sensitivity setting, fine and accurate Gain adjustment 

- faster computation power on your hand

More user-friendly and easier to be carried around!
It becomes smaller and lighter. The new design is less clumsy and better fit-in-hand.

More responsive and upgraded software!
Now, your reader is responding even faster in just a few seconds. The sensitivity is strengthened and adjustable for your convenience.

Larger memory and improved battery!
It stores more data and works longer hours to make your operation more effective and efficient.

It became better, however, still with a simple user interface! You are going to find out more about this new machine in the video.

In today's video, we are going to show you how this new machine works! With its light weight, it is designed to be carried around easily. Its waterproof and dustproof outer case make it applicable to different industrial environments. A 2D Barcode scanner is installed for wider application.

Once you start running the program, you are able to read all the tags nearby, within a few seconds. Along with the tag ID, signal strength and battery level of the detected tags are also shown on the screen for better management. The reader also allows distance control of your tags, such as enabling the LED of it.

The Setting page is like the Control Panel of your computer, for you to adjust the settings of your reader. for example, you can change the sensitivity of the reader by altering the 'gain'.

This demonstration video is going to show you more about how to get it start with your Empress handheld reader.

The launch date is Oct. 2013. Pre-order today.

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