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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Application Videos of Hussar™ Tags

Hussar™ Tags are best used for people related applications. In order to facilitate your understanding of the application of Hussar™ Tags, we have prepared two video clips.

The first video is about access control. In an office, as staff carrying a Hussar™ tag approaches the entrance, the tag ID is sent to the reader and then to the controller for verification. Once the information is confirmed, the controller would unlock the door automatically. The staff could enter the office without any passwords or keys. The whole process is smooth and fast.

The second video is about attendance taking. When staff enters the office using the Hussar™ Tags, the system takes the record of the tag ID and time of entrance for attendance taking purposes. Human resources staff only need to retrieve such data from the system to obtain each staff’s attendance records. Complicated and manual procedures in counting time and double-checking records are eliminated to save time and effort.

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