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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Final Testing of Empress™ EM02-ETH

It is important to ensure quality and performance of new product before launching. Hong Kong RFID introduces the new Empress Reader – EM02-ETH after a thorough product research and development, design and fine-tuning with multiple testing to ensure sure good quality and stable performance.

The testing video shows how the engineer of Hong Kong RFID conducts testing of the accuracy of EM02-ETH reader’s frequency. Testing was carried out in our world-class laboratory for RF and wireless testing. This test lab is equipped with a shielding room that blocks all external RF signals to provide RF-free environment for testing. The shielding room is of international standard and accuracy for the test is ensured.

The equipment used by the engineer is also of international standard. EM02-ETH is connected to a network analyzer to analyze the stability of the frequency produced by the reader. Such analyzing and testing conducted in a shielding room is guaranteed to achieve highest accuracy as no interference from outside could affect the test.

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