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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Comparison of HKRAT Active RFID Tags

Having difficulties in choosing the right RFID products that best suit your business needs? The new comparison table will definitely help!

Providing users the most ideal RFID solution as well as fulfilling the diverse needs for different industries, HK-RFID has been continuously developing innovative and reliable active RFID tags in the HKRAT series over the years. To compare the various types of tag easily and conveniently at a glance and find out the most suitable active RFID product for any specific uses, a new comparison table on the 2.4 GHz active RFID tag series is available now.
There are 3 categories of active RFID tag series, namely the HussarTM, GarrisonTM and TempcorderTM, for comparison. Apart from the common powerful RFID functionalities shown, the table summarizes and specifies the different dimensions and the unique features of each model of tags.
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