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Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Product Preview: Valio Gadget Tag

There is a new product line joining our Empress FamilyValio! The first member of this new line, named Valio Gadget Tag (PN: HKRAT-ET02), will be launched soon.

Key Feature 1: Slim and Low Profile Design

Just like applying labels or asset naming plates, any kind of devices can be tracked by our Gadget Tag because of its thin and light design. Not only is the Gadget Tag suitable for large machines, it is also suitable for small electrical appliances like notebooks, tablet computers and even smart phones

Key Feature 2: Tamperproof

When the tamper-proof sensor is triggered, signal will be emitted to the Empress™ Active Reader preventing unauthorized removal of the tag from the device. Gadget Tag also responses to reader constantly by sending out the unique ID to facilitate real time tracking within the monitoring range. 

Properties can now be properly taken care of with the adoption of Gadget Tag. Stay tune for the release of the Gadget Tag!

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