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Thursday, November 22, 2012

DIY, Implant a NFC Chip into Your One-piece Pop Figure

This is a step-by-step guide instruction on how to implant a NFC Chip into small items such as figure model. Here we go, first please prepare:

1.      Your favorite figure model
2.      9mm diameter NFC Tag: HKRHT-J04
3.      Any mobilephone (in our case, Google Nexus S) with NFC, install an app called NFC Quick Action

STEP 1: Write the web-link into the NFC tag-J04. Make sure you turned on the NFC function in setup.

STEP 2: First open NFC Quick Action, and choose URL, type in the website. Put the tag behind the mobile phone back until you see the tag is written.

STEP 3: Stick the tag in your favorite spot using the self-adhesive behind the tag.

STEP 4: Now your figure can trigger a website on your mobile phone. You may try type in youtube link, or contact information as well.

Introduction about the 9mm diameter RFID (NFC) tag
The tag will use is a 9mm diameter RFID tag originally designed for small items such as mobile phone (rental applications) and jewelry. The small form factor of HKRHT-J04 make it easy for nearly all kind of items. Just keep in mind that this is not a mount-on-metal RFID tag, so please don't use it on metallic surface. Despite of its small size, it still can provide a 10-15mm reading range using Google Nexus S. This reading range is comparable to large size paper back RFID Tag.

HKRHT-J04 is a standard off-the shelf product and available in small volume purchase such as 50-100pcs per bag or bulk purchase. Please contact us for pricing information. 

This is a Touch & Link application in NFC market, in fact, there are numerous application to explore. NFC is a useful technology to LET THINGS TALK for itself through your mobile phone. If you want to design your NFC application and you need experts advice, please contact us. Our service also includes:
-          pre-write your information into the NFC chip
-          customise NFC label

Please contact us for any sales enquiry.

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