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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Applications of Tempcorder Tag Series

In server rooms, tens of hundreds servers are packed together in such a small room. Malfunctioning may occur if any of them is overheated and cause down time of network which could result in huge losses to companies. How can we prevent this problem with Sense Tag (PN: HKRAT-TT02)?

In industrial sites, extremely hot liquid should be under close monitoring. Certain train components would become extremely hot during operation. If such component is overheated, danger might be caused. How can these extreme conditions be controlled and monitored with Extreme Tag (PN: HKRAT-PT02)?

In museums, valuable paintings and statues should be taken care of properly to avoid any damage. In law firms and banks, important originals should also be saved at places with good ventilation. How can we ensure proper protection to these invaluable properties with Moist Tag (PN: HKRAT-HT02)?

More details on all these application with our Tempcorder series can be found in the Tempcorder Case Study:

Tempcorder Case

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