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Monday, October 15, 2012

TempcorderTM 2.4GHz Active Tag Series

TempcorderTM 2.4GHz Active Tag Series

Breakthrough in environment control application
Featuring Excellent Sensitivity and Durability
The TempcorderTMfamily of active RFID tags from Hong Kong RFID Ltd. would be the best choice for applications in environment control and hazard prevention. With new product releases, clients can enjoy never-been-known benefits with just a tiny active RFID tag, designed with powerful features, providing users with a comprehensive and unparalleled experience.
The TempcorderTMtag family consists of a series of environment sensing active RFID tags equipped with accurate sensors and powerful RFID functionality. Together with the excellent reliability and careful designs, they can be used in diverse temperature measurement applications to deliver accurate real-time temperature data to the central server for monitoring purposes.
The Tempcorder tag family has three members: Sense Tag HKRAT-TT02, Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02. Each demonstrates unique features and provides users the most flexibility in applying tags on different objects as well as in any harsh environment.

Sense Tag HKRAT-TT02

Performing stably, ambient temperature data ranging from -20oC – +120oC can be measured and sent to the reader at a distance of 5-50m even around RF-unfriendly material, enabling temperature detection at a guaranteed accuracy of RF transmission.

Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02

Equipped with a humidity sensor of up to 1% RH resolution, instant accurate humidity and temperature data are sent along with the tag ID to the reader and then the central server periodically for environment monitoring and controlling applications.

Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02

With the wide detection temperature ranging from –200°C to +500°C, the probe design of Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02 can be placed in contact with objects that are extremely hot while the body of the tag remains at another location that is of less extreme temperature. Temperature monitoring in extreme environment is now much easier.


Common Uses & Applications in Industries:

In any application requiring strict control of a given temperature to be kept stable or temperature information in hard-to-reach locations are critical, our TempcorderTM series would make the perfect choice.
General Applications

Different tags in the Tempcorder series are suitable for applications in almost all industries to manage and control diverse processes and ensure the operation of workflows at the lowest failure rate.
Sensors in Tempcorder series tags detect temperature or humidity changes in server rooms, communication racks or document rooms in organizations in a real time manner, while the air-conditioner and dehumidifier could be adjusted automatically according to the data captured by the tags to make sure dryness and temperature in the locations as well as prevent overheating or fire of documents.    
Transportation & Infrastructure Industry

To achieve fast, flexible and cost effective monitoring in transportation infrastructure, a Tempcorder tag is ideally suited to control functionality problems such as engine, brake and track overheating, especially for the underground railway where manual measurement and monitoring is difficult. Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02 of the Tempcorder family has a temperature sensing probe of wide sensing range of -200°C to +500°C which could be placed in contact with railway tracks to closely monitor and prevent temperature from rising above a certain level. Other similar applications that Tempcorder tags could be applied in are for airplane hangars, road or mining tunnels and elevators.
Energy, Oil & Gas Industry

Contributing to a safer and more efficient operating process, early sensing and detection of unusual conditions is of critical importance in the industry and to prevent detrimental accidents from happening. Our TempcorderTM tags help achieve more accurate and timely control by detecting any changes in temperature or humidity due to intrusion at the early stage for maintenance and prevention. Sense Tag HKRAT-TT02 which is of IP65 standard could be attached to pipelines to detect any temperature change which might be a result of leakages.

Environment & Geo-technical Industry  

In the research and development of geotechnical projects, temperature and moisture sensors of Tempcorder tags help greatly enhance the understanding and monitoring of soil displacement and hydrology processes, especially in instable regions. Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 which is equipped with a humidity sensor could be used to obtain detailed temperature and humidity data to facilitate the planning and development process of geotechnical projects as well as to reduce risks during implementation.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has always endeavored to strive for innovation in product functionality and aesthetic designs; the TempcorderTM series launch reflects our commitment to innovation and setting new standards in the market. 

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