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Monday, October 29, 2012

Milos NFC Authentication and Anti-counterfeit Service [PRE-ORDER]

How to make sure your products are free of counterfeit?

With Milos NFC authentication and anti-counterfeit service, your product can all be easily identified for their genuineness during any point of distribution by using a NFC-enabled mobile phone.

Limited edition shoes, or about-to-MP samples; no matter how carefully you control the release of your product, your manufacturing process, distribution and sales channels are vulnerable to copying activities and counterfeits. Any counterfeit can destroy your luxury brand image that built for a long time. 

A easy and handy authentication measure can prevent multi-million dollars loss just due to the lack of control or anti-counterfeit measures. The authenticity of a product is the key for protecting your quality and brand.

NFC stands for Near-Field Communication, (Youtube video link for how NFC works) which is a standard for smartphone to establish RF communication with any other device or NFC tag. By implanting a NFC tag inside your product, and using our Milos NFC authentication and anti-counterfeit service, any smartphone with NFC functions, can easy trace and track the identity info of product, show the GENUINENESS or AUTHENTICITY of a product.

Our service is to provide:
-          Consultation on how to add a CHIP inside your product
-          Online authentication service
-          Usage report and suspicious counterfeit activities alerts
-          Data integration service, ID associates with production information or warranty data

How to Ensure Your Products Are TRULY GENUINE?

Here are the steps;

Step 1: Manufacturing process:
-          Register a NFC label into product after the last step of production QC process.
-          Automatically associate the tag info with the product data information, these data are uploaded into our server 

Step 2: Marketing and Distribution
-          Any goods or restricted samples, which bare a smart label, can now be tracked carefully. Since the goods/samples have a unique ID, the recipient can now easily confirm the delivery note using their mobile phone.  
-          The distributors can now easily check the genuineness and ensure no counterfeit product are mixed inside the goods. Their warranty record can also be associated to individual items.

Step 3: Product Verification by Consumer
-          The customer/end user can now use their mobile phone to check the genuineness as well as product information or warranty information.
-          Any interaction between product owner and product user become feasible

Our Milos NFC Online authentication service is entirely a cloud application, it is carefully designed to prevent:
-          Cloning of the device and copying of the product data
-          Skimming, or interrogate of the tag by a rogue reader
-          Eavesdropping, the interception of legitimate communication between a reader and tag
-          Data tampering, the changing of data on a device to match an altered label or shipping documentation; erasing data or the insertion of malicious data/code

Highly Flexible to Set Your Own Rules
Since our Milos NFC Online authentication service is entirely a cloud application, product owners are completely free to set their own rules. Usage reports are available online any time anywhere, or even automatically generated each months. These data are proved to be useful to predict or prevent whether the counterfeit occurs.

Choices of NFC Tags and Label
We offers a wide choice of NFC label or token for order. Here we shows those standard labels, however, other special size and customized forms are available upon request;
-          NFC Label Dia. 45mm (logo printing available)
-          NFC Label Dia. 25mm (logo printing available)
-          NFC Destroyable Hang Tag (logo printing available)
-          NFC PVC Wristband  (logo printing available)
-          Tokens

  (NFC Wristband)

(Destroyable Hang Tag)

 (Label Dia. 45mm)

Milos NFC authentication and anti-counterfeit service will be ready to launch in Q1 2013. And the labels and tags are all ready for order.  Please stay tune on our blog or newsletter, or please contact us for more information.

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