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Monday, October 15, 2012

Launch of Moist Tag HKRAT-HT01 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02

Launch of Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02

Welcome our two new members of the Tempcorder family! Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is excited to announce the addition of Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02 to its Temporder 2.4GHz active RFID tag family. With the newly added functionalities and powerful design, flexibility in temperature monitoring applications is greatly enhanced for effective and efficient uses in environment control and hazard prevention. 
Feeling frustrated to obtain accurate and instant temperature or humidity readings in hard-to-reach locations but of vital importance? It is now possible with our Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 and Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02.

Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02

Specially designed to be equipped with an accurate humidity sensor of up to 1% resolution, Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 can measure humidityrange from 0 - 100% as well as temperature information in a real time manner. Periodically, data collected are sent along with the tag ID to the reader and then to the central server, empowering accurate and timely data for strict environment control and monitoring applications.
Together with its robust design and durability, Moist Tag HKRAT-HT02 can be attached easily and firmly onto different objects. Its replaceable battery with long battery life definitely makes is a cost-effective choice for humidity sensing applications.

Extreme Tag HKRAT-PT02

Equipped with an external probe, Extreme tag PT02 can detect a wide temperature range of –200°C to +500°C. The probe can be placed in contact with objects that are extremely hot while the body of the tag remains at another location that is of less extreme temperature. This separation design of an external probe from the tag body prevents battery from being placed at extreme locations that are too hot or too cold, and thus, avoiding the possibility of explosive damages of battery or inaccurate measurement due to wrong detection.

Apart from this, temperature data collected can be sent back to the central server instantly for monitoring purpose. When a location is overheated or the temperature reaches an unusual level, alarm is triggered as a warning so that immediate actions can be taken to prevent the occurrence of dangerous hazards.
With its excellent measuring ability and long battery life, temperature monitoring in extreme and harsh environments is no longer a difficult task!

Ideally designed to meet the diverse environment needs, both Moist Tag and Extreme Tag is believed to be widely adopted in monitoring and hazard prevention applications in a variety of fields such as heating, ventilation usage in railway stations and electric meter rooms.

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