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Friday, September 14, 2012

Mounting Apparatus for Active RFID Reader

There are many methods to mount reader (with omni-directional antenna) on wall and ceiling, here we suggest 2 handy apparatus which is good for this job. It is always recommended to do a on-site testing or pilot run on the spots which to-be-mounted on. 

Reader Brackets
Feature: Wall Mounting & Ceiling Mounting, Wide angle adjustable
l   Material: Steel
l   Up & Down: 90 degree
l   Left & Right: 360 degree
l   Load Capacity: 20lbs
l   Mounting hardware included 

Reader Wall Mount:
Feature: Wall Mounting, 7cm to wall
l   Material: Steel with rubber at joints
l   Up & Down: 30 degree & 30 degree
l   Left & Right: 60 degree & 60 degree
l   Load Capacity: 6kgs

To attach the reader on the bracket or wall mount, we recommend using 3M VHB adhesive tape, best with at least 1mm thick. For temporary attachment, we recommend using cable fastener zip or tie lock.

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