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Friday, July 20, 2012

GarrisonTM 2.4GHz Rugged Active RFID Tag

Your best choice in accommodating extreme environment!!

To better accommodate active RFID application in rugged environment, HK-RFID now introduce a special tag GarrisonTM 2.4GHz Rugged Active RFID Tag, HKRAT-RT02 which is suitable to be applied in extreme environment such as construction sites and underground tunnels. Its robust design will definitely bring much convenience and flexibility for active RFID industrial applications!

Highlight Features of HKRAT-RT02

1. Robust Design
HKRAT-RT02 is water-proof, dust proof and shock proof. The tag has a IP standard of IP65. Its robust design allows HKRAT-RT02 to overcome the limitation applying RFID tags in harsh working environments.

2. Excellent Reading Range
The reading range of HKRAT-RT02 ranges from 5m to 50m when used with our Empress reader series.. Long reading distance is especially useful in extreme environments as operators might not be able to reach the tag location easily.

3. Long lasting and Durable
The battery for HKRAT-RT02 is replaceable and can be last for around 3 years. With its convenient mounting design, it can be fixed on different surface without much additional effort. In addition, the encapsulation of the tag is made from special plastic which made it even more 

Industrial Applications

  •  Heavy duty, Harsh Environment
    • E.g. Construction site
  • Long Distance Identification
  •  Locating & Tacking
  • Automation System
  •  Waterproof, dustproof and shock proof
  •  Ultra durable and robust

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