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Thursday, October 20, 2011

RFID in automotive industry - Traffic Management System

RFID in automotive industry
Traffic Management System
Case Study

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. developed a RFID traffic management system offering efficient and accurate vehicle management solution. RFID system has long been used in automotive industry in countries like Brazil, Dubai, India, China and Mexico.

RFID readers are installed at main traffic intersections or alongside roadways.

RFID cards are placed at the front of automotives using a card holder. Each RFID card contains a unique card ID which is associated with information in the back-end database upon registration. Useful information can be stored in the database to suit operators’ needs for various systems.

Readers at roadsides read the RFID cards in automotives when they are moving in high speed. Card ID is then identified and information retrieved from the database would be shown in monitoring centre. With accurate time, reader and card information, specific automotives are tracked and recorded easily.
RFID Traffic Management System
Traditional vehicle monitoring systems uses surveillance cameras to scan automotives’ license plate for identification. However, usually less than 50% of the license plates can be scanned clearly, leading to insufficient record for automotive tracking.

Applying RFID in traffic management systems in place of traditional system provides much higher accuracy, efficiency and convenience for both operators and drivers.

l   Non-stopping identification
Readers at roadsides detect the RFID card and record the ID as soon as automotives pass by. The whole process is automatic and instant without any interference to traffic system.

l   High speed reading
Capability to read moving automotives of speed up to 150km/h allows application of the system on highways. Any prohibited speeding behavior is detected and recorded as well.

l   Bad weather reading
RFID system uses radio waves for communication between readers and tags. Any bad weather conditions will not affect the performance of the system, ensuring its accuracy.
Handheld readers are used in associate with fixed readers at roadsides for individual traffic spot tracking.

Stationary reader used in automotive industry for traffic management purposes.

The traffic management system enhances management process of automotives with:
l   Higher reading accuracy
l   Higher efficiency in overall operation flow
l   Reduction of human resources in case of emergency or malfunction
l   Time-saving due to automation
l   Convenience for both operators and drivers
l   Better management of traffic system

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