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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Industrial-grade, EMPRESS™ 2.4GHz Handheld PDA (model: HKRAR-5080EM)

Jun, 2011

HKRAR-5080EM is a mobile reader for 2.4GHz active transponder reading. The PDA runs Windows CE. Working as a desktop counterpart, the reader talks to all types of active tags including HUSSARTM, GARRISONTM and TEMPCORDERTM.

With user-friendly touch screen function and only 380g lightweight design, the wireless mobile reader perform extraordinary well for a variety of industrial and outdoor applications such as data gathering, asset tracking, access control and ticketing.

High Flexibility
HKRAR-5080EM communicates with different active tags for a wide range of applications. The reader caters for both short range and long range reading. With HUSSARTM active RFID tags attached to sensitive documents and high-value equipment, the system is triggered and the reader shows whether missing items are still within a specific location such as a building. Avoidable losses are prevented.

Temperature and humidity sensors can also be added onto active tag TEMPCORDERTM to suit customers’ special needs.

Two-way communication
Together with special active RFID tags such as GARRISONTM, two-way communication between the tag and the reader is feasible. Special features like buttons, LED, can be added onto garrison tags for fulfilling individual needs. By choosing the item name or ID on the reader, the LED on specific tag lights up, differentiating it from the other tagged items. On the other hand, when button on the tags are pressed, corresponding item name/ID of the tagged items will be shown on the PDA.

With its portable feature and data stored in the tags in advance, the function is extremely useful for operators to track the location of the specific, identical tagged items.

The reader can be used with a lot of peripherals such as cradle, Bluetooth printer; POS printer and gun handle for a variety of purposes. It also supports Wi-Fi and GPRS connectivity. Beside, the battery is rechargeable.

l   Asset Tracking
l   Access Control
l   Location System
l   Automation System
l   Ticketing

Special Features:
l   Supports GPRS connectivity, keep in touch with the headquarter at any time
l   Supports Wi-Fi, communicate with LAN by wireless network
l   Long Range Identification

l   User friendly with accessories like battery chargers and charging cables
l   Good performance and cost effective

For more information, please visit the following links for our asset management system video clips.

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