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Thursday, July 21, 2011

All-in-one UHF Long Range Reader 308X Series (Model: HKRUR-308X)

Jun, 2011

Hong Kong RFID proudly introduces our all-in-one UHF long range reader series (model: HKRUR-308X). The series now has two models of UHF readers - HKRUR-3081 and HKRUR-3083. The reader series provides excellent solutions for a wide range of applications including supply chain management, access control and warehouse management.

Readers in the HKRUR-308X series contain antenna and reader in the same configuration. Together with user-friendly API, all readers in the series are easy to install and operate. Besides, the readers support RS232/RS485 Wiegand26/34 interfaces. Wi-Fi can also be used to save installation costs.

Performing at high speed with an average reading time of 6ms per character, the readers provide efficient operational processes. They can be used for reading and writing of tags as well.

All readers support EPC Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C) and ISO18000-6B standards, which are international standards for RFID products, providing opportunities for worldwide business development. The product is also granted FCC and CE certification.
Car park and tolling management system
Small RFID tags are attached to windshield of vehicles with parking permit and HKRUR-3081 or HKRUR-3083 is installed at the parking gates. Whenever vehicles are approaching parking lots, within a second, the UHF readers detect the tag from a pre-determined distance and gates are opened automatically for entry or exit of the vehicles. There is no longer need for drivers to stop at the gates to search for the access card. This provides prompt, automatic and convenient parking processes of vehicles.

Besides, entry and exit of the vehicles can be recorded to enable automatic management of parking fees and car park security. The system is also suitable for a variety of areas such as clubhouse, campus, hospital and also commercial offices.

A simple RFID system with HKRUR-308X series helps save time for any access control processes, enhancing great enterprise efficiency.

Applications include:
l   Supply chain management
l   Warehouse management
l   Inventory management
l   Access management
l   Logistics

HKRUR-3081 Product features:
l   Long reading range
l   Antenna with linear polarization
l   Dimension: 440mm x 440mm x 50mm
l   Reads more than 60 tags per second
l   Cost effective

HKRUR-3083 Product features:
l   Medium reading range
l   Antenna with circular polarization
l   Dimension: 240mm x 240mm x 30mm
l   Reads more than 60 tags per second
l   Cost effective

The reader series is now available.

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