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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Active RFID for Access Control Solutions

Access Control in Luxury Residential Area
Case Study

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has recently worked on a project to implement our active RFID access control system in a luxury residential area in Hong Kong.

Active RFID tags are given to residents as their resident card. Residents’ information such as name and address is stored in the card for identification and security purposes.

RFID readers and antennas are installed at entrances or any facilities in the residential area, allowing limited access of buildings and uses of facilities to only  authorized residents with the corresponding tags. Just one active RFID tag is capable of facilitating all the access control applications within the residential area. The active system offers not only efficiency, but also higher level of security..

Active RFID access control system is applied in a wide range of areas around the residential area.

Lobby – Hands-free Access
Readers and antennas are installed at the entrance. Doors will automatically unlock themselves to permit entry of residents carrying authorized active RFID tags when they approach their corresponding block. The RFID tag can be used alongside with other forms of authentication methods such as passwords and electronic cards. Besides, entry and exit history is recorded at the management office at lobby.
Mailbox – Automatically unlock
Corresponding mailboxes of the residents are automatically opened when they approach the mailbox area. Residents no longer need to carry keys to unlock the mailbox as long as they carry the active RFID tag. Respective mailboxes will only open upon reading of the corresponding authorized active RFID tag by the active RFID reader installed at the mailbox area. This provides convenience for residents and at the same time, privacy and security is maintained.

Lift – High Security
Antennas and readers are installed in the lift lobby for reading of active RFID tags carried by the residents when approaching the lift. To improve security of the building, only lift buttons of specific floors such as corresponding address of the residents and some clubhouses can be pressed by residents. Any unauthorized floors access is prevented.


Readers and antennas are installed at different areas inside the clubhouse. Apart from access to the clubhouse building and different facilities, information of residents such as booking history is shown at any service desk in the clubhouse. All purchase record such as food & beverage, facilities booking can be chased base on the Tag ID, and monthly payment notice will be issued to the user accordingly.  This provides ease for residential and recreation management inside the clubhouse.

l   Enhanced security through limiting access to authorized residents only
l   Improved customer satisfaction with automated services
l   Increased access control visibility for management
l   Accurate in-out records of residents

Automation of active system

Automation in various service aspects in the residential area provides efficiency and convenience to residents in their daily lives. Residents no longer need to remember passwords nor bring lots of keys or electronic residential cards. Hands free access is allowed with the active RFID tag. Together with accessories like key chain or badge, users can attach the tag to their bags or just hang the tag on themselves easily.  Access control can be done easily and timely with active RFID tags and readers. 

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