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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Water-proof, High-temperature Resistant UHF Metal Tag Series (G2MH30X)

June 2011

HKRUT-G2MH30X is a brand new series of UHF metal tags specially designed for harsh industrial operating environment. The tags are water-proof and high-temperature resistant.

Tags in the HKRUT-G2MH30X series are made of ceramic and FR4 respectively. The series of ceramic tags work extremely well with metallic object and provide perfect solutions for tagging metallic objects directly without de-tuning the antenna.

High-temperature resistant and Robustness:

Unlike traditional tags which performance is significantly hindered by water and extreme temperature, the brand new HKRUT-G2MH30X UHF metal tags are water-proof and high temperature resistant
l   up to 85°C during operation and 150°C for storage
l   stored in temperature of 240°C for up to 5hrs
The tags are also robust to withstand high pressure.

Harsh Working Environment Operation:
The superiority of the new tag allows uses of RFID in lots of industrial areas as well as assembly lines with harsh operating environment. Any industrial environment with corrosive, explosive, abrasive and high-temperature element can no longer obstruct the reading performance of RFID tags.

Asset Management:
With the use of RFID technology in asset management, the whole management process is upgraded in terms of efficiency, accuracy and security. With the tags attached on the inventories, inventory management can be done more easily. All kinds of information such as the date of shipment and purchase data are retained on the tags. Errors as well as the production costs can be reduced efficiently as a result.
l   Asset Management
l   Asset Tracking
l   Supply Chain Management
l   Production Line Management
l   Construction and Industrial Applications

The series is available in Jun, 2011.

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