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Monday, March 14, 2011

Active Location System

Workplace safety and security is becoming more important nowadays for businesses and governments. Traditional approaches in access control may not be adequate for personnel management, as they can only restrict access at major entrances and record the entry and exit time. Staff and guests are lost track of after they enter the building. With the advanced active location system, the position of staff can be traced for real time decision-making and control. This surely facilitates personnel management in offices, hospitals, construction sites or exhibitions.

The system consists of readers, active tags and a software program. Once readers are installed at major entrances throughout the premises, the software program can show the location of staff who are carrying active tags. You can click into a zone and see the IDs and pictures of registered employees that are in it. They need not do anything more than bring their tags with them, given that the tags can be sensed through clothing, bags and even vehicles. The refresh time can be set to as frequent as 5 seconds, allowing you to know the whereabouts of individuals at all times.

In addition to the traditional functions of attendance tracking and access control, the active location system helps to track the utilization rate of facilities. In case of emergency, it ensures that everyone is safe and out of the hazardous zone. If integrated with the active asset tracking system, it can be guaranteed that only authorized persons are allowed to use certain equipment. 

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