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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New smallest Jewellery tag sample (HKRHT- J12, 17*14mm)

Apart from the new model J11 HF jewellery tag, Hong Kong RFID gladly announces the launch of another new Smart Tag for our jewellery management system J12 (Order P/N: HKRHT- J12). It is a small jewellery 10% smaller than the normal jewellery tags J10 (P/N: HKRHT-J10).

The mat surface of J12 can provide a better adhesive force even for labels with weaker glue. User can now "Slap and Fold" the smart tag into their existing price tags firmly. Customers can form their own distinctive smart price tags. It is convenientand easy to use. 
For those who concern about the environment as well as tag durability and appearance, we are now launching a J12 Smart Tag which is using PVC encapsulation. It is robust and solid with customizable printing graphics. It is reusable and low cost. Also, J12 is ROHS compliant to ensure the highest quality standard in part per million level (ppm).

After the successful launch of the previous 6th and 7th generation smart tag, J08 is popular for its high reliability and good sensitivity while J10 is uses the same design but optimizes the use of light weight material. J12 is smaller and more durable as it is not easily ripped. Hong Kong RFID is dedicated to designing better tags for our jeweler clients over years.

J12 has the following features:
  • 17X14mm, smaller than a paperclip, compact but does not sacrifice reading range
  • PVC encapsulation
  • Simple and compact structure
  • Color/printing customization
  • Can be easily embedded into any price tags in the market
  • Can be rewritable and reusable
The product is available from Feb 2011.

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