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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Jewellery tag sample (HKRHT- J11, Tear-to-destroy)

Hong Kong RFID is glad to announce the launch of a new Smart Tag for our jewellery management system, J11 (Order P/N: HKRHT- J11). It is an updated version of J09, though our J08, J09 and J10 Smart Tags are being popularly used, due to the growing market demand, we have developed an advanced version with different features.

The adhesive surface of J11 can provide a better force for tagging the existing price tag. It is printable roll form and no need to enclose the tag with other label again. Customers can form their own distinctive smart price tags. It is convenient and easy to use. 
The antenna is specially designed for security purposes. When someone tries to tear the tag, the antenna would be damaged and can no longer function. In other words, when you cannot read the tag properly, the tag is very likely already destroyed by someone.
J11 has the following features:
  • 30X15mm, similar size of a paperclip and very thin. Compact yet does not sacrifice reading range.
  • RFID label with adhesive layer.
  • Tear-to-destroy, avoid being exchanged, help protecting your info.
  • Printable roll form available.
  • Color/printing customization.
  • Can be easily embedded to any price tags in the market.
  • Rewritable and one time use.
The product is available from Feb 2011.

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