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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Participated in BizIT MINI Expo 2010

“BizIT MINI EXOI 2010” is a joint conference organized by the ITAA ARPA to promote the wider use of IT in enterprises. Business elites are invited to share their knowledge, unique insights, and inspiring commercial enterprise strategic IT concepts and some new thinking.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has always been active in the IT industry and is more than happy to participat in this exhibition with our latest active RFID products and solution. Compared to passive RFID, active RFID have more powerful reading performance and will not be influenced by water and metal.

Active RFID tags contain batteries for more powerful signals but the size of tags will then become a constraint for different usages. Regarding this issue, we have launched the world’s smallest active tag. It can be used on people and is suitable for location tracking systems. Using this small tag, companies can have better customer relationship management (CRM) among the valuable customers. Such system is already in operation in the Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) to manage the people flow in different exhibitions and shows.

Besides, Mr. Mike Fung, the Operation Manager of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. hosted a seminar session to introduce the RFID applications in the coming years. In fact, RFID technology is still developing and has great potential in the IT industry.

We believe that RFID can bring economic benefits and effectiveness to enterprises in their daily operation and management. By participating in this exhibition, we are able to explore different market needs. We are glad to share and introduce the latest technology developments of RFID.

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