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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hong Kong RFID provides RFID Tags for UBPA, Shanghai World Expo

Shanghai World Expo opens in May 2010. Hong Kong RFID Ltd is glad to be the RFID tag provider for the UBPA in this event. “In fact, this project is not profitable for us, but we are glad to provide this solution for Hong Kong, our own city!” said by Mr. Craig Jo, the Business Development Director of Hong Kong RFID Ltd.

Hong Kong participated in the Shanghai World Expo and exhibits in both the Hong Kong Pavilion and the UBPA Pavilion. The Hong Kong Government wants to introduce the latest RFID technology and smart card applications in the UBPA Pavilion.

To activate a vertical display by using a RFID tag

RFID tags are embedded in the bracelet given to each visitor to the UBPA Pavilion. With this bracelet, visitors can obtain access to the Pavilion as well as triggering videos on vertical displays in the Pavilion. Furthermore, visitors’ entrance and exit record is reported daily. RFID enables efficient and effective management of Pavilion.

To monitor people flow with interactive floor tiles

There are also “Interactive Floor Tiles” in the UBPA Pavilion’s exhibition hall. The tiles itself contain a sensor and is installed under a layer of glass. Visitors can create different patterns according to their movements on the interactive floor tiles. In addition, this tile can be an index for determining the people flow in the exhibition hall.

Hong Kong RFID Ltd. put in a lot of effort and time in the implementation work of the UPBA project. “Once promised, even if we are losing money or working overtime, we still aimed at finishing our job!”

It is a mission to work for Hong Kong

“The company’s mission is the main reason for participating in this project,” Mr. Craig Jo specified. “It is my pleasure to represent Hong Kong and provide RFID solution in the UBPA pavilion. Although the project cannot make a profit for the company, the reputation and image of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. is enhanced by participating in the Shanghai World Expo.”

In the future, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. has confident to gain more opportunities like the UBPA Pavilion project.

Read more RFID at Shanghai Expo: http://mail01.edm.hkstp.org/intimate/templates/images/hkstp_connect/6/en_html/section2_community.html#2

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