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Thursday, August 27, 2009

New UHF BlinkPass Tray for Document Management Launched

Compared to cold computer display screens, a tangible record appears to be more solid, particularly for important materials such as literacy manuscripts, legal documents and medical records, which cannot be corrupted or lost. In order to manage paper documents and hardcopies in a systematical way efficiently, we launch our new UHF BlinkTray designed for file management.

Document/Item Management is needed when you realize you cannot make electronic copies for the following things:
  • Legal documents - contracts, true copies, hardcopies
  • Massive storage devices, optical disc, DVD, CD, magnetic tapes, etc.
  • Sample with texture or fabric
  • Large architectural drawing
  • Painting and masterpieces, sample with precise color print-proof
  • Folders, leaflets and books as thick as the Yellow Pages
  • Any small size items - keys, jewellery, artifacts, film, etc.

By applying an RFID tags on above items, they can be well management. RFID outperforms barcode for a several reasons. RFID tags can be read at much longer distances and the read rate is much faster. Read rate of forty or more tags per second is possible. However, reading barcodes is much more time-consuming especially when the items are not properly oriented to the reader. It may take a few seconds to read one barcode. Besides, barcodes have no read/write capability. You cannot add information on a printed barcode. RFID tags, however, could be read and written. RFIDs readers could communicate with the tag and alter the information on the tags. Furthermore, RFID tags are rugged and reusable.

The Smart Tray facilitates tracing and tracking of documents in circulation between departments in a company. It distinguishes document by examining the smart label attached to documents. User can review circulation history of hardcopies with just a click. Users could edit data stored on the smart tags, thus making it possible for flexible and up-to-date information storage. This document management system enables review of circulation history, searching and locating of documents with the search button on a web page.

Please contact us for more information on this BlinkTrace Document Management System.

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