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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Incubation Programme Graduation Day Party

Recently, Hong Kong RFID Ltd. was honorably invited to be one of the attendants to the Incubation Programme Graduation Day Party which was a networking party for all incubates and graduates. The party was held at the Atrium of the Core Building inside the Hong Kong Science Park on March 27,2009 afternoon. Mr. Mike Fung, the project manager from Hong Kong RFID Ltd., would like to take the precious opportunity to deliver his deepest gratitude and appreciation to the incubation program for its continuous support especially the talent pool program to his company. The program is valuable for the company since it has been providing excellent candidates in their part time recruitment process and they have been contributing to the company a lot. Many of the part- time even turned into full time after the program.
The representatives of Hong Kong RFID Ltd. got the award from the HKSP

Mr. Craig Jo, the business development director and Mr. Mike Fung , the Project Manager came on stage to get the award

Mr. Mike Fung delivered a speech to HKSP

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