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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hong Kong RFID Center

Other than logistics and supply chain, other RFID applications have been gaining recognition. We will introduce two popular RFID solutions; jewellery and sushi RFID solution in this article. If you want to take a closer look on the real demo to see how they operate, you might want to go to RFID Centre located in Hong Kong Science Park.

Jewellery Solution
Currently, most of the jewelers track inventory on manual process which is very time consuming and requires handling of each jewelry item and is error-prone. However with RFID, an entire case of jewelry can be read in a matter of seconds with no need for lone-of site or handling of the jewelry item. This RFID jewelry system has been gaining acceptance by local jewelers and manufacturers. Since RFID inlay can be hidden, thus not impacting the merchandising of the high-end jewelry tags. The frequencies are usually either High Frequency (HF). Besides, High Frequency jewelry tag, with a thickness of 0.6mm, can eliminates the time of scanning individual items and increase the staff productivity by ten to fifteen times. It makes more easy and secure for the jewelry inventory management. This system can help speed up stock taking and check in/out. Also the jewelry tag can store the secret information such as pricing information. By this way, they can speed up the quotation time during the show.

Sushi Freshness
From the customer’s perspective, food freshness is the highest concern in raw food, especially sushi. Our RFID system can ensure food freshness and Sushi Bars are one of the example. By placing RFID tag at the bottom of the sushi plate, the “overtime” sushi would be taken out automatically from the conveyor belt in order to keep all the sushi fresh. With RFID tagged sushi dish, people can access product information by using RFID reader such as the place of origin, the source of supplier and manufacture date. Also, hygiene problem can be improved through better quality control by ensuring the freshness of sushi.

For front of the house, waiters can sum up the patron’s bills immediately by reading all the sushi dishes via RFID reader which can save time and avoid making calculation mistake. Also, the restaurant outlet can keep a better database by recording which dishes people are buying, at what time of day, how long they stayed on conveyor belt.

For back of the house, RFID brings better inventory management as well. For example, sales and net inventory per day are known. Besides, RFID brings many advantages in food safety. By using RFID, people can keep track of the food resource; ensure the security of food supply and the freshness of frozen food in cold chain. In addition, RFID can be applied in the Food Supply Chain Management. They can have better control over the source, storage, picking, packaging and logistics. With RFID tagged pallets and carton boxes, the goods in each container can be registered and the goods in transit between suppliers and overseas destinations could be monitored at all times.

Hong Kong RFID Centre (SCIC)
In fact, our RFID jewelry and sushi products were displayed and introduced in the Hong Kong RFID Centre. It was established in October 2008 and was co-hosted by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and GS1 Hong Kong, It is located on the first floor of Lakeside 1, Hong Kong Science Park (HKSP).The displays therefore highlight how the RFID technology has contributed to improving modern lifestyles encompassing logistics and library services etc. To know more about SCIC and to make appointment for visit, please go to the website 

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