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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Case Sharing on 2.4GHz RFID Active Series (HKRAR- LXRX) - Case 1

Active Smartcard System for a Golf Clubhouse

January, 2009

LX series active RFID smartcard system has been implemented in a golf Clubhouse for access control. The golf clubhouse emphasises a prestige quality service to every guest in the clubhouse. They want to let every member feels that they are all recognised by all personnels in the clubhouse and to get access to their VIP memeber facilities smoothly by just walking in. Now, the advance membership tag can be in form of key chain, unlike the traditional access card, the tag provides a much longer sensing area for doors and gates, so that all personnels can immediately be notified for the arrival of the VIP guest in advance. The guests have a warmly feeling in clubhouse, thanks to the automatic recognition system in all facilities, and they do not need take out and show old fashion membership card or "beep" the card on reader.

The active smartcard membership provides following special features in the clubhouse;

i) Automatic Door Control:
The Clubhouse installs active reader to control the automatic door. They give the active tags to the VIPs or specific clients. Once the readers recognize the active tag in pocket or handbag, the door will be opened and allow entrant without the trouble of taking out any access cards. It can avoid a person who has no permit for admittance or entry.

ii) Real Time CRM, Customised Service by Automatic Recognition:
As the reader is connected to a database, once the reader induces the active tag, the customer profile, history, preferences and personal information can be shown to the staff. Then they can recognize the clients and provide a better service with more useful information.

When VIPs enter with the active tag, the LED monitor can display some relevant information which may interest the customers. For example, the VIP status, special offers, etc. Also, it can greet the clients and show update information which may useful to them.

iii) Better Security

Active Smartcard system can be easily integrated with client's security infrastructure to ensure a safer environment. For example, when the door will not be opened if it is not in certain time slot, even the client has a valid active tag; the door will be locked according to the setting. It sets a time limited in order to have better flow control. The active reader also records the sign in and out conditions. It can record down who was entered to the room. The record may be useable for other security issues.

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