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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Case Sharing on 2.4 GHz RFID Active Series (HKRAR- LXRX) - Case 2

Asset management - Active System in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Department of Electrical Engineering)

June, 2008

Department of Electrical Engineering (EE) is the expertise in Power and Energy Systems, Power Electronics, Machines Drives, Electric Transportation, Environmental and Energy Saving Systems, Fiber Optics, Computer Control and Automation, and Electrical Building Services.

In the laboratory, students will use the device for experiment. EE put the active tag (HKRAR-ST1) to the devices and install the active readers HKRAR-LXRX in the detecting zone for the following purposes.

i) Anti-theft:
The Electrical Engineering Department installs 2 to 3 readers in the detecting zone and has a full coverage in the area. Once the device is left from the zone, the alarm system will be activated.

ii) Inventory management:
The reader can keep tracking the number of devices. It can make sure that the sets of equipment are complete with nothing missing.

iii) Status tracking:
Active reader can recognize whether the device is being used or not. The central system can know the situation of device and how many sets are being used by the students.

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