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Sunday, December 14, 2008

RFID Locates Bridge Crane in Terminal without a hitch

Hong Kong RFID has successfully helped Hong Kong Internation Terminal (HIT) to setup a Bridge Crane positioning location system. Just simliar to MTRC cases, such system operates in a covered area where GPS can no longer effectives. With the UHF reader HKRUR-3083 installed on Bridge cane, it can provide the location information from the special tags mounted the tracks. Such UHF RFID system proves effective in metallic environment. The system has overcome several problems:
  • highly metallic environment
  • high speed of bridge cane moving at up to 25km/hr
  • highly vibrating platform
  • frequent shock and impact
  • highly dusty and moisty 
The system runs smoothly without a hitch. It is a remarkable success for HKRUR-3083. HKRUR-3083 is a reader & antenna integrated together into one compact and lightweight body which measured less than 1kg and IP54 industrial grade protection. This highly sensitive device supports ISO18000-6B & 6C and read tags up to 10m away, depends on tag types.

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